Hello from Brampton, Ontario, Canada

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Hello from Brampton, Ontario, Canada

Post by AndrewAsk » Fri Jan 25, 2019 10:34 am

Hey everyone,

My name is Andrew from Canada im an extreme hobbyist meaning i try everything at least once and if i like it i usually go pretty deep into it because i like to do things right the first time. That being said i cant always do that because i do have limitations IE, Time, Money and skill in some situations.

I have done a lot of hands on crafty hobby's in the past here are a few:

Paintball Maker building (old brass Makers)
Tobacco pipe restoration
Diorama Modelling
metal etching (forced patina)
Wood working rustic reclaimed furniture

Just to name a few.

I have always wanted a Belt sander it would have been useful for a few of the hobby's above but now its more so needed because i would like to try my hand at knife making.

I have been researching the plans for the DC1 for about a week now. At first i thought i could use the plasma at my work to cut all the plates needed for the initial fabrication of the sander but its an old cnc not very precise and the cut can taper. I guess i can source from a local water-jet company.
All the other misc parts i can acquire fairly easily but i dont have all the necessary tools to make this tool IE drill press, band-saw. ill need to either purchase these or find a friend who has one to use.

The thing that throws me on this project however is the electrical components Motor, VFD and Wiring these are not my strong suit. Another issue im just realizing is that the cost to build this with all the electrical parts i would need may not be worth it for me, If it was a 500-700$ build i would be ok with it but it's looking like that 500 is just on the motor itself so it may just take me longer to source all the parts needed.

Anyway i joined here a bit more confident then i am now but ill keep this on the back burner and just try to acquire parts as i go hopefully i can find things at a bargain. Going into something new is never easy ill need to build the skill, patience and confidence to do something like this, the patience being i have to wait for a deal on parts to make this. I can buy a pretty nice Belt sander right now for $2500.00 Cad if i had that kind of money laying around...actually id still try to build this cause that would be more fun haha... but i still would like to keep it below $1000.00 Cad if i can.

Thanks for the information Dan this is extremely generous on your part as well as the other who have contributed to this. Looks like knife making will be a two part hobby with tool building. why not ill add it to the list.


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